$125 Sand Blaster Abrasive Blaster Portable Power Sand Blasting Kit f Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Sand Blaster Abrasive Portable Popular brand f Kit Blasting Power Sand Blaster Abrasive Portable Popular brand f Kit Blasting Power $125 Sand Blaster Abrasive Blaster Portable Power Sand Blasting Kit f Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools /intercrust1856533.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,f,Sand,journalistkhabrilal.in,Sand,Blaster,Kit,Blaster,Abrasive,Portable,Blasting,Power,$125 /intercrust1856533.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,f,Sand,journalistkhabrilal.in,Sand,Blaster,Kit,Blaster,Abrasive,Portable,Blasting,Power,$125

Sand Blaster Abrasive Portable Popular brand f Kit Blasting Direct store Power

Sand Blaster Abrasive Blaster Portable Power Sand Blasting Kit f


Sand Blaster Abrasive Blaster Portable Power Sand Blasting Kit f

Product Description


This portable sand blaster has a 10 gallon pressure tank for sandblasting,Tmedia size can be used in 60~120mesh(suggest 80 mesh ), as well as a pressure gauge you can see the operating pressure. Make sure the sand blaster can work and the pressure is within the safe range(never over 125 psi) and a shut-off valve to stop working. The self-draining wet trap which keeps the ejected media dry is easy to use. The sand blaster can treat local surface very well, such as removing automobile body paint and removing rust on metal parts. Equipped with 98" hose,fulling funnel, two 6" rubber wheels and handles that allow easy movement of the machine while working.



Weight: 41.9lbs

packaging: 1 pcs

DIM: 30.3*16.5*14.9(in)

Working pressure: 6-25 CFM

Sand loading volume: 8.4Gallon.

the operation pressure never exceed over125 psi

Disconnect the tool from the air-supply before changing

Sand Blaster Abrasive Blaster Portable Power Sand Blasting Kit f

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