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Super beauty product restock quality top! Rosemary Outstanding Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract Organic Rosmarin

Rosemary Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Organic Rosemary (Rosmarin


Rosemary Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Organic Rosemary (Rosmarin

Product description

Size:4 Ounce

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a shrub 50-200 cm high. Young branches are blunt-faced, pubescent. Leaves are on very short petioles, evergreen, linear, dull at the end. The flowers are almost sessile; corolla is blue-violet, slightly pubescent outside; the fruit is a round-ovoid, smooth, brownish nut. Rosemary blooms in April - May. The fruits ripen in September.

Rosemary Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Organic Rosemary (Rosmarin

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