Flowmaster Bargain sale Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Kit Chro Exhaust with $154 Flowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Exhaust Kit with Chro Automotive Replacement Parts $154 Flowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Exhaust Kit with Chro Automotive Replacement Parts Flowmaster Bargain sale Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Kit Chro Exhaust with with,Single,3",Flowmaster,Exhaust,$154,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Chro,/enteromyiasis1620201.html,Mandrel-Bent,Kit,44,journalistkhabrilal.in,Super with,Single,3",Flowmaster,Exhaust,$154,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Chro,/enteromyiasis1620201.html,Mandrel-Bent,Kit,44,journalistkhabrilal.in,Super

Flowmaster store Bargain sale Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3

Flowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Exhaust Kit with Chro


Flowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Exhaust Kit with Chro

Product description


Give your truck the deep, rich tone that is the signature of our top-selling, premium-quality Flowmaster Super 44 Single Exhaust kit. The Flowmaster Super 44 Series muffler has a richer, deeper sound than the original Flowmaster 40 series, constructed with double Vs of equal size, rather than the single V of the original 40 series. This is an aggressive-sounding muffler from both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Our top seller! Our kit contains a premium 3" tail pipe, with superior quality mandrel bends that will improve the exhaust flow and may give you the boost in power and fuel economy normally found in much more expensive systems. Our pipes are aluminized to increase lifespan and durability, and are exclusively custom-bent for us in Springfield, MO. This pipe exits under the rear of the truck, parallel with the outside edge of the frame rail. They are designed to clear the OEM-installed receiver hitch and OEM-sized spare tire. Our system is designed to fit all wheel-base applications, just trim to fit. This basic kit includes everything from the muffler to the bumper, with a stylish angle-cut 9” chrome tip. Fits: 1988-2018 light- and medium-duty gas models of Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram amp; Ford F-Series EXCEPT '04-08 Ford. Fits only gas applications; fits only applications that came factory with a single inlet muffler! Only the muffler is made by Flowmaster. Please be aware: THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE DIRECT FIT KIT. These systems are to be installed by an experienced, professional installer. FABRICATION MAY BE REQUIRED. Any type of suspension modification/wheel and tire altercation may affect system clearances. We DO NOT provide any portion of the exhaust in front of the muffler. Additional parts amp; fabrication may be necessary and is to be determined by the installer.

Flowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-Bent 3" Single Exhaust Kit with Chro

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