$38 S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Wrap Around Ponytail Hai Beauty Personal Care Hair Care S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Around Wrap Hai New products, world's highest quality popular! $38 S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Wrap Around Ponytail Hai Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Human,Wrap,Ponytail,Hair,$38,Extension,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,journalistkhabrilal.in,Around,Ponytail,Hai,/emaciation1620034.html,S-noilite S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Around Wrap Hai New products, world's highest quality popular! Human,Wrap,Ponytail,Hair,$38,Extension,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,journalistkhabrilal.in,Around,Ponytail,Hai,/emaciation1620034.html,S-noilite

S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Around Wrap Hai New products world's highest quality popular At the price of surprise

S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Wrap Around Ponytail Hai


S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Wrap Around Ponytail Hai

Product Description

Fashion is to following the Trend, Trends come and go, and S-noilite 's human hair extensions are the generally vintage trends which can stand the test of time.

Beauty never fades, as we never stop to keep pace with the times. It is seems simple, but it's simply to make you different and irreplaceable.

You pursuit to be more confident and beautiful, and we devote to supply quality and credibility. Your satisfaction is our highest honor and effort.

We've been doing it for over a decade. We always be your side and wish to be better together for other decades.



Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

So Sad for bad hair cut , Too short to Tie up , Waiting Long for hair growth , want to be a Fashion Girl in gym, Looks more Energetic amp; Younger. Don’t worry. Just 1 step to solve all of these. Our Ponytail Human hair Extensions is perfect for you to add length and volume, avoiding embarrassment instantly.


-Hair Material: 100% Remy human hair

-Hair Grade: Top quality

-Hair Size: 16 Inch-22 Inch

-Hair Color: Same as picture

-Hair Net Weight: 80-95 Gram

-Hair Life: 6 months (Depends on usage and care)

-Package: 1 PCS / Package


Why choose us?

1.Made of 100% Remy human hair,well-crafted thickness from top to end. Extra thick and glossy. No synthetic mixed, No animal fur mixed.

2.Quality grade 7A,Silky Soft, Shedding-Free and No-tangle.Comfort , Softness and stable.

3.Instant add Length and volume: Offer instant transformation to thicker, longer hair, change fashion hair style quickly without damaging your own hair in any way.

4.Super Easy to use:Special design and comfortable material make it easy to apply and not easy fall out.


SWEET TIP: It may have difference in color between the pictures and real products due to display monitor and light source.

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100% Remy Human Hair
Feature clip in to instant add length and volume tape in to instant add length and volume toupee for slight thinng hair or gray hair prebonded u tip extensins for adding length and volume i tip extensions for adding length and volume

S-noilite Ponytail Extension Human Hair Wrap Around Ponytail Hai

Our leading research

We make a global impact through excellence in research and innovation. Explore our latest research that is helping to shape a better world.

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