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Exclusive Home Curtains NEW before Mail order cheap selling Prague Trellis Blackout 31x Roman Shade

Exclusive Home Curtains Prague Trellis Blackout Roman Shade, 31x


Exclusive Home Curtains Prague Trellis Blackout Roman Shade, 31x

From the manufacturer

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Exclusive Home is North America's leading supplier of home textiles, ready-made drapery, and window curtain hardware. We provide superbly crafted products that are affordable, yet luxurious, and are unsurpassed in quality and construction. From classic solids to today’s top fashion trends, you are sure to find window panels to fit any look, mood, or style to complete your home décor project. We offer an array of fabric constructions as well, including jacquards, linen, burlap, sheer, thermal / blackout, silk and faux silks, polyester and poly blends, and cotton and cotton blends. These constructions are offered in varying designs and colors including solids, prints, geometric, gates, medallions, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, embroidery, textures, thickness, lengths, widths, and burnouts. You will also find an array of hanging options, from grommet top, rod pocket, tab top, clip ring, and more.

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100% Total Blackout Opacity

From sheer to fully lined blackout, and everything in between, Exclusive Home Curtains has the window treatments to fit your light blocking needs. The Acadia Roman Shade has 100% total blackout opacity, which provides maximum privacy and minimizes exposure to sunlight. With adjustable heights, this window shade allows you to create darkness at any time of day in any space in your home. Perfect to use in your bedroom, nursery, living room, guest room and office.

room darkening blackout curtains, 84 curtains, 63 curtains, thermal insulated, blackout roman shades

Total Blackout Opacity

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Versatile Use

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Light Control

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Total Blackout Experience

Features and Benefits

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The Acadia roman shade has a variety of features that will benefit your home décor needs. This cordless roman shade has 100% blackout opacity to block direct sunlight and provide maximum privacy. This window shade features a foam back that is enhanced with coated Thermax technology to create the ultimate blackout experience and provide privacy. Featuring a pull handle for easy lifting, you can easily adjust the height of the shade. This blackout roman shade is energy saving and thermal insulated to help control the temperature in your room. It also reduces noise for better sleep. It’s versatile and will complement your existing décor. The Acadia roman shade is also suitable to use in any living space that you desire to blackout natural light. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, kids' room or nursery.

Exclusive Home Curtains Prague Trellis Blackout Roman Shade, 31x

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