Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth 120-Inch by Inventory cleanup selling sale Umber 60 $34 Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth, 60 by 120-Inch, Umber Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth 120-Inch by Inventory cleanup selling sale Umber 60 Tablecloth,,120-Inch,,Now,Designs,60,Hemstitch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,$34,Umber,by,/dwale1706449.html $34 Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth, 60 by 120-Inch, Umber Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Tablecloth,,120-Inch,,Now,Designs,60,Hemstitch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,$34,Umber,by,/dwale1706449.html

Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth 120-Inch by Inventory cleanup selling sale Ranking TOP18 Umber 60

Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth, 60 by 120-Inch, Umber


Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth, 60 by 120-Inch, Umber

Product description


For over 45 years Now Designs has created fashionable, fun and functional kitchen textiles, table linens, gifts and decorative accessories for the home. Whether it's kitchen basics, fashion forward designs or gifts for any season, Now Designs' quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. Now Design's Hemstitch tablecloths feature a smart, classic border and are available in a variety of colors to compliment any tabletop palette. Tablecloth measures 60 by 120-Inches and is designed to fit tables measuring 36 by 96 to 48 by 108-Inches. Made of 100-percent cotton, this tablecloth coordinates nicely with Now Designs' Hemstitch napkins, sold separately. Machine washable, iron as needed.

Now Designs Hemstitch Tablecloth, 60 by 120-Inch, Umber

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