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Award-winning Max 69% OFF store Qipao Mens Gothic Tailcoat Jacket Hallo Steampunk Coat Victorian

Qipao Mens Gothic Tailcoat Jacket Steampunk Victorian Coat Hallo


Qipao Mens Gothic Tailcoat Jacket Steampunk Victorian Coat Hallo

Product description

Mens Gothic Tailcoat Jacket Steampunk Victorian Long Coat Halloween Cosplay Costume Party Uniform


Swallow tail,Unique style,Gives a feeling that the vest is worn under the jacket.But it's just a tailcoat.

About Size:

All Sizes are Standard US Mens Sizes.

If you are not sure which size is suitable,Please refer to Our Size Chart Or "Amazon Men's Apparel Sizing Chart".

Or Please choose the suitable size according to your previous shopping experience.

Small: Height 66"-67", Chest 37"-38", Waist 32"-33"

Medium: Height 69"-70", Chest 39"-41", Waist 34"-35"

Large: Height 71"-72", Chest 42"-43", Waist 36"-37"

X-Large: Height 73"-74", Chest 44"-46", Waist 38"-40"

XX-Large: Height 76"-77", Chest 47"-49", Waist 41"-43"

XXX-Large: Height 78"-79", Chest 50"-52", Waist 44"-46"

We can Provide Both Standard US Mens Size,Womens Size and Kids Size for this jacket.

About "custom made" service:

If you need "custom made" service, Please send us your:






6.Shoulder width

7.Arm length(from shoulders to wrists)

Custom-made tailcoat will more slim fit.

After you provide those information,We'll custom made this tailcoat for you as soon as possible.


1.Since each person's size information is different,If one of your actual size information is slightly different (1 to 2 inch) from the size information in our size chart,

Please feel free to purchase and choose the most suitable and closest size.

Qipao Mens Gothic Tailcoat Jacket Steampunk Victorian Coat Hallo

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