Zen,Simulation,/cozier1407170.html,Tab,Plum,Fountain,journalistkhabrilal.in,Vase,Yushen,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Blossom,Water,Plant,$46 Zen,Simulation,/cozier1407170.html,Tab,Plum,Fountain,journalistkhabrilal.in,Vase,Yushen,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Blossom,Water,Plant,$46 Dedication Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plant Blossom Vase Plum Tab $46 Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plum Blossom Plant Vase Tab Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $46 Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plum Blossom Plant Vase Tab Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Dedication Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plant Blossom Vase Plum Tab

Dedication Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plant Inventory cleanup selling sale Blossom Vase Plum Tab

Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plum Blossom Plant Vase Tab


Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plum Blossom Plant Vase Tab

Product description

Material: polyresin and plastic
Size: 15.7" high x 7" wide x 11.8" total long(with flower)
Usage: table and countertop decoration
No on/off switch

Pump installation method:
1. Connect the water pump and the water pipe and connect them together.
2. Adjust the pump switch size to the appropriate location.
3. Place the connected water pipes and pumps in the right place for the product.
4. Pump flat, and then add water to completely submerged water pump, plug in the power can be normal operation.
5. Make sure that the water pipe cannot be bent after installation.

1. As long as the pump is completely submerged the pump sound is very minimal. If you hear the pump, add more water.
2. You can adjust the pump on the water switch.
3. No ON/OFF switch, just a plug!
4. The fountain needs clean up and change the water, you can clean it every one to two weeks, it can extend the life of the pump and keep it cleaner longer.

Yushen Zen Water Fountain Simulation Plum Blossom Plant Vase Tab

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