20.3",$54,/batlon1619831.html,journalistkhabrilal.in,Edeco,Fabric,Storage,R,with,Ottoman,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Tufted,Round,Footstool $54 Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman Tufted Fabric Footstool with R Home Kitchen Furniture shopping Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman R Fabric with Tufted Footstool $54 Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman Tufted Fabric Footstool with R Home Kitchen Furniture 20.3",$54,/batlon1619831.html,journalistkhabrilal.in,Edeco,Fabric,Storage,R,with,Ottoman,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Tufted,Round,Footstool shopping Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman R Fabric with Tufted Footstool

shopping Edeco 20.3

Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman Tufted Fabric Footstool with R


Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman Tufted Fabric Footstool with R

Product description


A perfect addition for your room, the round grey ottoman offers removable lift-top lid with storage beneath.
The top lid and base are both padded with solid-pattern linen, offering comfort and warmness.
Supported with wooden played legs in espresso finish, it is practical and stylish.
Available in tan, grey, green and white.
It will match flawlessly with your room decor.

Edeco 20.3" Round Storage Ottoman Tufted Fabric Footstool with R

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