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JNWVU Blackout Curtains - 3D Printing Colorado Oklahoma City Mall Springs Mall S City New View Night York

JNWVU Blackout Curtains - 3D Printing New York City Night View S


JNWVU Blackout Curtains - 3D Printing New York City Night View S

Product description

Size:84" X 90"

JNWVU is the ideal solution for window treatments and decoration for your living and working spaces. Specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling curtains for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, outdoor and more, we offer a large variety of functional at the same time decorative curtains. For more choices you can visit our storefront.

Brand: JNWVU

Material: polyester cotton

Technology: 3D printing

Packing: 2 panels

Easy to Care: Machine Washable,Wash under 30 °C


59" X 65" / 29.5" X 65"*2

78" X 70" / 39" X 70"*2

78" X 84" / 39" X 84"*2

84" X 90" / 42" X 90"*2

103" X 96" / 51.5" X 96"*2

118" X 106" / 59" X 106"*2

Features: UV protection, noise reduction, environmental printing, high shadow

Applicable occasions: bedroom, living room, kitchen, school, office, hotel, etc., can be decorated in any of your rooms

Curtain maintenance: machine wash at room temperature, gentle hand wash, dry cleaning, medium temperature ironing, do not bleach, do not mix with sharp objects


1. Due to the difference in the display or reflected light during shooting, the actual color of the product may be different from the displayed picture

2. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours!

JNWVU Blackout Curtains - 3D Printing New York City Night View S

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