Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel wit Personal Aids Our shop OFFers the best service Sound $40 Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel Personal Sound Aids wit Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel wit Personal Aids Our shop OFFers the best service Sound Digital,$40,Amplifier,,Hearing,wit,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Sound,Aids,MCIC,8-Channel,/antiqueness1619864.html,Personal $40 Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel Personal Sound Aids wit Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Digital,$40,Amplifier,,Hearing,wit,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Sound,Aids,MCIC,8-Channel,/antiqueness1619864.html,Personal

Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel wit Personal Aids OFFicial site Our shop OFFers the best service Sound

Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel Personal Sound Aids wit


Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel Personal Sound Aids wit

Product description

Hearing instrument is a kind of electronic devices which ampli-fies sound from your surroundings.
It is used to help hearing Impaired people recover hearing ability by compen ating hear-ing loss.
Your MCIC is only one type of hearing instruments.
For patients with middle ear infection,
it's suggested not to wear hearing Instrument until cured or follow the doctors advice,
Please consult your hearing healthcare professional fist if you have any questions about your hearing Instrument.

01. Whstlingamp;feedback
A)The Volume is too lou
To solve this, Please lower the volume to a suitable level.
B)The user is putting pressure on the microphone
It's very common to experience whistling or feedback while inserting the device in the ear. This is because there is pressure on the microphone Dont worry, once you have the device securely fit in your ear and remove your hands from the device, the whistling will stop.
02.Sound qualityamp;While noise
In the beginning you might hear white noise, an echo, or a slight sound distortion That's COMPLETELY normal! It takes 3-4 weeks for your brain to adjust to hearing aids. Patience and continued use will help you adjust to your device and the experience of wearing hearing aids.
Material:Medical Resin
Peak Output: 115dB
Peak Gain: 35dB
Battery Size: 10A
Package( for one ear)
1 x Hearing Amplifier
5 x Different size Ear Domes
1 x Cleaning Tools Brush
2 x Earwax Guard
6 x E10 battery
1 x Case
Package( for pair)
2 x Hearing Amplifier
10 x Different size Ear Domes
2 x Cleaning Tools Brush
4 x Earwax Guard
6 x E10 battery
1 x Case
If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us, our team will provide you with professional responses within 12 hours.

Digital Hearing Amplifier MCIC 8-Channel Personal Sound Aids wit

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