Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas Daily bargain sale R and Nightgown 2pcs Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas Daily bargain sale R and Nightgown 2pcs $23 Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas 2pcs Nightgown and R Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $23 Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas 2pcs Nightgown and R Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's,and,2pcs,Nursing,Bearsland,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pajamas,$23,Nightgown,R,Maternity,,/alfridary1407315.html Women's,and,2pcs,Nursing,Bearsland,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pajamas,$23,Nightgown,R,Maternity,,/alfridary1407315.html

Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas Daily bargain sale R and Nightgown 2pcs Classic

Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas 2pcs Nightgown and R


Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas 2pcs Nightgown and R

Product description

Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajama 2pcs Set Nightgown and Robe Set HR037

Size measurement for reference:
Long Sleeves Robe:
Size M(8-10): Length: 46.9 inch Bust: 40.9 inch Shoulder: 17.7 inch Sleeves 24.4 inch
Size L(12-14): Length: 48 inch Bust: 43.3 inch Shoulder: 18.5 inch Sleeves 25.2 inch
Size XL(16-18): Length: 49.2 inch Bust: 45.7inch Shoulder: 19.3 inch Sleeves 26 inch

Inside dress:
M(8-10): Bust 36.7 inch Length 37.4 inch
L(12-14): Bust 39 inch Length 38.6 inch
XL(16-18): Bust 41.3 inch Length 39.8 inch
About Size:
please get measured and have a double check our size chart before purchasing.Size may be 2cm/1 inch inaccuracy due to hand measure.

MATERIAL:Long Sleeves Robe:Solf and Comfortable Velvet,Inside dress:95%cotton,5%Spandex
FEATURES:Pajama 2pcs Set. Inside dress is discrete feeding design, lift up the front layer for breastfeeding.Long sleeves for the Robe,It can be worn during and after pregnancy all year round,keep warm for you
OCCASIONS: This Dress is Perfect for Home, Casual, Evening, Dating, etc.
NOTES: Please Check Our Size Chart (The Left Size Picture) Carefully rather than Amazon Size Likns before Purchasing, Thanks!

Colours may slightly vary from the ones showed on the photos.

Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Pajamas 2pcs Nightgown and R


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